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Bottles is a mobile game that fuses the tactile, handheld feel of analog puzzles and the delight of mobile indie magic. You play as a small character inside a bottled diorama world, navigating yourself through lush, delightful spaces filled with challenges and stumbling upon charming surprises behind every obstacle.​

Bottles is a mind-bending mobile experience like you have never seen before, created by a team of students as a part of USC Games' Advanced Games Project process.

It was originally conceived in the Spring of 2019 by Brooke Jaffe, an Interactive Media and Game Design MFA Student at USC's School of Cinematic Arts. The idea was simple: create a mobile game with the tactile feel of an analog puzzle and the portable wonder of gorgeous indie games; all while creating an accessible experience for every kind of player. 

Inspired by her experience using mobile games to escape the pain of battling Thyroid cancer and the subsequent phobia of getting her blood drawn, Jaffe led a team of incredible students from both USC Games and ArtCenter College of Design to bring to life the magical feeling of finding a ship in a bottle, pressing your nose against the glass, and thinking: "Whoa."


Move your phone to move the world. Play with two hands or one-- left or right hand controls built in. Let yourself be transported to a beautiful seascape of bio-luminescent Octopi, Marine biologists, and very sassy hermit crabs with a penchant for fine marble art.

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